The Morality of Masonry

Date: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 4:37 PM

Taken from "A Star in the East"
by George Oliver - 1825

Chapter V - The morality of Masonry is precisely the same as that of

Every well-governed lodge is furnished with the Holy Bible, 
the Square, and the Compass. The Bible points out the path 
that leads to happiness, and is dedicated to God; the square 
teaches to regulate our conduct by the principles of morality 
and virtue, and is dedicated to the master; the compass 
teaches to limit our desires in every station, and is dedicated 
to the brethren. The Bible is dedicated to the service of God, 
because it is the inestimable gift of God to man; the square 
to the master, because, being the proper masonic emblem of 
his office, it is constantly to remind him of the duty he owes 
to the lodge over which be is appointed to preside; and the 
compass to the craft, because, by a due attention to its use, 
they are taught to regulate their desires, and keep their 
passions within due bounds.

"The ornamental parts of a lodge are, the Mosaic pavement, 
the indented Tressel, and the blazing Star. The Mosaic 
pavement is emblematic of human life, chequered with good 
and evil; the beautiful border which surrounds it, those 
blessings and comforts which surround us, and which we hope 
to obtain by a faithful reliance on Divine Providence, which is 
hieroglyphically represented by the blazing star in the centre. 
The moveable and immoveable jewels are the square, the 
level, and the plumb-rule, the rough and perfect ashler and the 
tressel board. These appear to be mere instruments of labour; 
but the moral, to which they respectively point, renders them 
jewels of inestimable value. The square teaches morality and 
justice; the level equality, and the plumb rule integrity. By the 
rough ashler we are reminded of our rude and imperfect state 
by nature; by the perfect ashler that state of perfection at 
which we hope to arrive by a virtuous education, aided by 
divine grace; and the tressel board reminds us that, as the 
operative workman erects his temporal building agreeably to 
the rules and designs laid down by the master on his tressel 
board, so should we endeavour to erect our spiritual building 
agreeably to the rules and designs laid dozen by the supreme 
architect of the universe in the Holy Bible, which is a mason's 
spiritual tressel board. That book, which is never closed in any 
lodge, reveals the duties which the great master of all exacts 
from us; and were we conversant therein and adherent 
thereto, it would bring us to a house not made with hands, 
eternal in the heavens." 

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