Freemasonry: Scourge of Dictators


  Freemasonry teaches thousands of excellent lessons. Perhaps
too many for most of us to absorb. Let's concentrate on a couple.
  ALL men are to be treated as equals, claims Freemasonry. We
must meet on the level and part upon the square. We must practice
Temperance, meaning we must be moderate in all of our actions.
**Fortitude, Prudence and Justice.
  Why am I a Freemason? Why have I remained a Freemason?
Because the system Freemasonry teaches cannot be improved upon.
Far too often we, as individuals, forget this and we become the
little despots I'll expand on as we go along. Let me tell you a
  Shortly after my discharge from the U.S. Navy I found a job
as an accounting clerk with a dry goods company. About three
hours into my first day on that job in November 1945 an older
fellow asked me if I would like to go with him for a cup of
coffee. To the greasy spoon next door we went. We had coffee and
smoked a cigarette. When we returned the walking zombie who was
our boss cornered my friend. It was evident the boss gave him
hell. The zombie then rushed over to me.
  "We don't permit smoking!" says he. Says I, "I can see that,
Sir. The place is plastered with 'NO SMOKING' signs." He glowered
from his towering height, "We don't permit smoking at any time or
any place during working hours!"
  "Sir, are you saying that I can't go outside to smoke one
cigarette in the morning and one in the afternoon?" I asked
  "Not and work here," he said. "I gave up smoking and so can
  As I rolled down my sleeves I looked up at him and calmly
(witnesses have claimed this is an understatement) said, "Then
you can take this job and shove it. I just finished four years of
fighting dictators like you." I took my jacket off the nail and
left him standing with his mouth wide open.
 Forty-six years later (1991) this type of petty tyranny has
expanded throughout the land. Vote-conscious politicians have
enacted unconstitutional laws banning a legal substance called
"tobacco." An aptly described (by The Richmond Times-Dispatch)
"pygmy tyrant" named Edward J. Derwinsky, Veterans Affairs
Secretary, banned the sale of cigarettes in Veterans Hospitals.
Earlier he had banned smoking.
 In an article for the Journal of Regulation and Social Costs,
Hank Cox takes a dim view of the bureaucracy of the Surgeon
General and Health and Human Services. Its "trying to browbeat
Americans into behaving properly all the time -- to forswear
smoking, drinking and sex, and to subsist on a bland diet of oat
bran, tofu and bean curd washed down with mineral water," writes
Cox. This "campaign against enjoyment of life is the general ban
on food with taste." These "Aunt Samanthas" want to save us from
everything they consider evil. One is warned to avoid anything
that tastes good, and anything else one may enjoy.
  These characters, whom I call dictators, Cox points out,
deliberately exaggerate dangers of this and that to frighten the
gullible. He quotes experts who have studied the effects of
alcohol on traffic deaths and the danger to pregnant women. He
claims that the disastrous effects, as with everything else the
Samanthas claim, are highly exaggerated.
 Fear! That's the name of the game. It always has been with
dictators -- large or small. 
 Dictators come in all shapes, sizes and genders. They aren't
confined to the Hitlers, Mussolinis, Khomeinis and Husseins. They
aren't confined to foreign countries. Sad to say, we probably
have far more pygmy dictators in America than anywhere else in
the world. Why?

  Because some men and women have been willing to fight and die
to keep America free. This is the reason petty dictators are free
to spread their garbage. This permits small special interest
freaks to tell others how they must conform to the freaks' way of
  Examples? They are all around us. They are so numerous
volumes can be written about them. Look in any directory of
organizations. Special interest groups abound. Listen to the news
on television or radio (shucks study much of the biased stuff
called "entertainment" on TV); pick up any newspaper or news
magazine. A handful of eccentrics will be found espousing some
 We find people arguing for disarment, usually unilaterally of
the United States. They fight for peace and are willing to maim
or kill to achieve their goal.
 There are kind hearted souls more than willing to let humans
suffer in order to protect exotic snakes, snails, roots, flowers,
bird, fish -- name it, they'll protect it. 
 How can these small groups get away with exploiting the
overwhelming majority of us? Because they understand human
nature. They know we look upon them as the kooks they are and
will ignore them. We figure no one will believe their nutty
statements. And they are correct. No reasonable person can
possibly accept their wily assertions. We don't take into account
politicians always seeking reelection and other eccentric
fringes. By ignoring them we give them the opportunity to
increase their small numbers. Then they stage shows for the
visual media, many of its members who are as dense as the
subjects they are recording.
 Then, too, they get support from politicians who kowtow to any
group of crazies for a vote. These "giants" of the campaign trail
are joined by power-hungary bureaucrats. Many of these look to
the future and the lucrative lecture circuit. And example is
cited by Hank Cox writing in a National Chamber Foundation
publication for June 1991, Journal of Regulation and Social
  Referring to Louis Sullivan, Secretary of Health and Human
Services, Cox says the "vast HHS bureaucracy" is "waging
unrestricted warfare on just about every diversion that might
provoke mirth, tempt unwary lips into a smile, or otherwise
distract humanity from its nasty, brutish and short condition.
That one agency with a budget bigger that the Pentagon's is
trying to browbeat Americans into behaving properly all the time -
- to forswear smoking, drinking and sex, and to subsist on a
bland diet of oat bran, tofu and bean curd washed down with
mineral water. Our once virile Uncle Sam has become Auntie
Samantha, an unholy amalgam of overbearing den mother and
persistent fishwife."

 The paragon of moral virtue, the hero who dumps autos and
young ladies into bays, is working on another beauty -- the
absolute prohibition of free speech as it concerns tobacco and
its products. After watching and listening to this schemer since
he was a youngster I strongly suspect it's his staff that uses
him as a puppet. 
  What has this to do with Freemasonry? Nothing -- and
Sanity does prevail -- sometimes. Early in August 1991 Judge Jean-
Jude Chabot of Canada stopped the "nicotine Nazi" (so called by
the Richmond News Leader). The judge threw out the ban on tobacco
advertising in Canada. He said: "This form of paternalism or
totalitarianism is unacceptable in a free and democratic

Politically Correct (PC) "harassment" = describes the expression
of any politically incorrect position. 

Free speech, supposedly protected by the First Amendment to the
Constitution takes a rear seat to being politically correct.
Virginia's Attorney General (Mary Sue Terry) says campus life
cannot be hostile to minorities; If it is, "any infringement on
plaintiff's free speech" is justified! And it once was illegal
only to falsely cry "Fire!" in a crowed theater. 

Bureaucrats within the federal government of the US are among the
greatest of the country's dictators; i.e., the Interior
Department has decreed it controls the use of land around Civil
War battlefields, even those where minor "battles" took place;
the Corps of Engineers controls all private property to protect
the swamps (charitably called "wetlands") throughout the country. 

Richmond Times-Dispatch (9/8/91): Walter Williams discusses the
"pork" Congressmen build into the national deficit. "Congressmen
have little or no principle. As such, they are like prostitutes
doing what customers want. That being the case, it is up to you
and me to let them know that they cannot buy our votes by
destroying our nation. We must tell them what they're selling is
diseased, and we don't want it."
 Williams also noted: "Congressmen who don't go along are in
deep political trouble. This year, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va.,
warned two congressmen, 'If you rock the boat or support a line-
item veto, we have a special chute that goes down to the

 Business bashing has become popular with those among us who
would turn this country into a more socialist nation than it has
become. When they read about the bank, political and stock market
scandels they have a right to complain. Add to this the salaries
and bonuses paid to a certain few high rankings individuals in
the corporate world. Examples: The Chief Operating Officer of
International Telephone and Telegraph Corp -- between $7 and $14
million; Reebok's -- a reported $40.8 million; United Airlines' --
 $18.3 million; Disney's -- more in a day than one of its
employees makes in a year; Lee Iacocca of Chrysler (an idol of
many) took a 25% increase although earnings were falling by 17%
and his workers were asked to sacrifice. And Business Week goes
on and on with its annual survey, but its report merely touches
the edges of what's occurring in the world of business.